Uma Musume: Pretty Derby Season 2

Uma Musume: Pretty Derby Season 2

TVStudio KAI
dramaslice of lifesports

In the competitive realm of horse racing, the horse girls of Team Spica have been rising in fame with their series of triumphs. Among them, Toukai Teiou shines the brightest, known for her joyful spirit and unmatched speed on the track. Determined to achieve the title of an undefeated Triple Crown champion by conquering all three prestigious G1 races in a row, Teiou sets her sights on a goal not achieved since the days of the renowned Symbolic Rudolf. Along her journey towards this remarkable milestone, Teiou faces a multitude of obstacles, encountering both familiar foes and new adversaries. Despite the intense competition, Teiou must navigate pivotal choices that could shape the course of her own racing destiny.

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