Taiyou no Ko Esteban

Taiyou no Ko Esteban

TVStudio Pierrot

In 1532, Esteban, a 12-year-old orphan from Barcelona, possesses a unique ability to summon the Sun, earning him the title 'Child of the Sun.' After his adoptive father's passing, Esteban discovers his origin as a shipwreck survivor rescued in infancy. His enigmatic medallion hints at ties to the New World, particularly the enigmatic Mysterious Cities of Gold. Determined to uncover his identity and locate his birth parents, Esteban embarks on a journey from Spain. Along the way, he crosses paths with Zia, an Inca girl bearing a matching medallion and a history of abduction from her tribe. Their trio expands with the addition of Tao, the lone heir of the fabled Empire of Heva, rumored to have erected the Cities of Gold. Guided by the celestial beacon Coyolite depicted on their pendants, the young adventurers traverse the uncharted lands of the New World in pursuit of the legendary Cities of Gold, hopeful that this quest will reunite them with their missing families.

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