Shirokuma Cafe

Shirokuma Cafe

TVStudio Pierrot
comedyslice of life

Nestled beside the local zoo, Shirokuma Cafe, under the ownership of the charming polar bear Shirokuma, serves as a beloved sanctuary for both animals and humans seeking relaxation post toil. Embracing a menu of refreshing drinks and delectable delights, Shirokuma delights in catering to his diverse clientele, sparking engaging dialogues on myriad topics. Alongside the sardonic Penguin and the hapless Panda, this peculiar trio embarks on whimsical escapades entwined with their companions like the affable Grizzly, a pub proprietor, and Sasako, a human staff member. From navigating unreciprocated affections to embarking on outdoor excursions, belting out tunes at karaoke, and unraveling the mysteries of exceptional coffee brewing, the dynamic world of Shirokuma Cafe brims with ever-unfolding adventures!

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