Hakuouki Movie 1: Kyoto Ranbu

Hakuouki Movie 1: Kyoto Ranbu


Disguised as a boy, Chizuru Yukimura ventures from her peaceful abode to Kyoto in pursuit of her vanished father, a physician named Koudou. In the perilous city, she encounters ronin attackers swiftly neutralized by the enigmatic white-haired samurai, only to be intervened upon by the Shinsengumi, the shogun's elite guards. Captivated by these events, Chizuru is detained by the Shinsengumi, who coincide in their search for her father. As she aids Vice Commander Toshizou Hijikata, Chizuru unravels the intricate ties between Kyoto's political unrest and the mysterious samurai with unearthly features.

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