Dance Dance Danseur

Dance Dance Danseur

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Junpei Murao's fascination with ballet ignited during his sister's ballet performance, inspired by a male dancer's mesmerizing artistry. Concealing this passion to evade judgments, Junpei immerses himself in 'manly' pursuits like soccer and martial arts, aspiring to emulate his father's stunt coordinator career. When Miyako Godai catches a glimpse of Junpei's unique blend of ballet and martial arts skills, she persuades him to join her mother's ballet school. Despite initial reluctance and abandoned aspirations, Junpei rediscovers the intoxicating allure of ballet. Wrestling with societal perceptions of masculinity, Junpei faces the daunting challenge of embracing his true passion, risking friendships and societal norms to pursue his love for ballet wholeheartedly.

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