Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

MOVIEToei Animation & Graphinica

Following his father's defeat by the young Gokuu Son, Magenta seeks vengeance against Gokuu's family and comrades. Determined to revive the long-gone Red Ribbon Army, Magenta enlists Dr. Hedo, descendant of the notorious scientist Dr. Gero. With the goal of creating a squad of powerful androids, Hedo lures Gokuu into a false belief that Earth's mightiest heroes are extraterrestrial foes. Meanwhile, Gokuu and Vegeta hone their skills offworld, leaving Piccolo to mentor Pan, Gokuu's granddaughter, mirroring his past guidance of her father, Gohan Son. Gohan, now focused on academia, is compelled back into battle alongside Piccolo as Hedo unleashes Gamma 1-gou and Gamma 2-gou, androids with a warped sense of justice. Amidst the chaos, a dark scheme brews within the Red Ribbon headquarters, forcing Gohan and Piccolo to defend Pan and Earth against this mechanized threat.

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