Mato Seihei no Slave

Mato Seihei no Slave

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After graduating from high school, Yuuki Wakura comes face to face with the lingering mystery of his sister's disappearance five years ago during the 'Mato disaster.' In a world where enigmatic gateways to the treacherous realm of 'Mato' have emerged across Japan, unleashing monstrous beings known as 'Shuuki' upon humanity, a glimmer of hope appears with the introduction of Mato fruits granting mystical powers solely to women. This development leads to the rise of a female-led regime and the formation of the Anti-Demon Corps, relegating men to a marginalized status in society. When Yuuki unwittingly lands in Mato, his fate seems sealed by the looming threat of the Shuuki until a valiant girl from the Anti-Demon Corps intervenes, protecting him from certain doom. Leading the Seventh Unit of the Corps, Kyouka Uzen grapples with both ambition and ostracization from her peers due to her exceptional abilities. As circumstances push them into a desperate struggle for survival, Kyouka seizes the chance to unlock the full extent of her powers through Yuuki: in a bid to overcome the Shuuki, he must submit to becoming her servant.

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