Aiyou De Mishi

Aiyou De Mishi

ONALingsanwu Animation

After a night of drinks, Yan Yuechu and his coworker Hu Zhi stumble upon Xu Aiyou's infamous escape game, XY, seeking shelter from the rain. Intrigued by the game's enigmatic reputation and its enigmatic creator, the two decide to take on the challenge. Racing against the clock in a labyrinth of cryptic rooms, they successfully conquer the game. Yet, haunting glimpses of Xu Aiyou's troubled history embedded in the puzzles linger in their minds, invading their dreams with eerie scenarios of new escape challenges. The next day, a warning letter urges Yan Yuechu to steer clear of escape games, but the mystery remains unresolved. As visions blur the lines between reality and fantasy, Yan Yuechu finds himself trapped in a perplexing puzzle within his own bedroom. With uncertainties mounting, he must unravel the secrets of XY to safeguard his sanity.

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