Kami wa Game ni Ueteiru.

Kami wa Game ni Ueteiru.


When the supreme Gods with too much time on their hands devised the ultimate brain challenge known as 'Play of the Gods,' the once dormant Goddess Leche emerged from her slumber to proclaim, 'Bring forth the era's gaming prodigy!' Fay, heralded as humanity's standout newcomer, is chosen to represent mankind. The upcoming showdown, dubbed the 'Game of the Gods,' poses a formidable challenge, given its history of no clear victor due to the whimsical, irrational, and enigmatic nature of the divine beings. Nonetheless, embracing the thrill of the games, our protagonists engage wholeheartedly for a chance at enjoyment and victory. Thus commences the epic mental duels involving a brilliant young gamer, a resurrected Goddess, and their companions!

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