Mach GoGoGo

Mach GoGoGo

TVTatsunoko Production

In a world fueled by racing and cutting-edge technology, Daisuke Mifune's revolutionary 30,000 RPM engine design defies all expectations. When denied the chance to bring his innovative creation to life, Mifune makes a bold choice to walk away from the company, impacting his son Go's aspirations of racing for the company's team. As a gang targets Daisuke's coveted blueprints, Michi Shimura, Go's girlfriend, steps in to safeguard the designs. With looming questions about the thieves' identity and Daisuke's next move, Aya Mifune proposes a solution: establishing their own business. However, success hinges on more than just brilliant designs; they must navigate financial challenges and fend off relentless foes sent by Mach GOGOGO. The Mifune family must unite to ensure the safety of Daisuke's groundbreaking creations.

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