For centuries, hidden among humans are the Shokujinki, shape-shifting beings capable of monstrous transformations to feed on humans. The Kifuuken dojo, shrouded in secrecy, dedicates itself to eradicating these creatures by severing their limbs, safeguarding humanity from their savage appetite. Toshihiko Momota, heir to the Kifuuken, finds himself enamored by the enigmatic Yuka Kamitsuki, unaware that she is a Shokujinki destined to be his foe. Amidst this forbidden attraction, Toshihiko's brother Kazuma challenges tradition within the Kifuuken, sparking internal turmoil. As the truth unravels, past and present conflicts collide, testing loyalties and unearthing fateful choices with the looming question: who will survive, and who will fall prey to the darkness?

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