Futoku no Guild

Futoku no Guild


Renowned for his skills within the esteemed Mebuki guild, veteran guard Kikuru Madan grapples with a desire to leave his adventurous past behind and lead a normal life. Despite his wish to retire, Kikuru is torn by a sense of duty towards the guild's future. When the guild's receptionist, Enome, assigns him a task to train four new recruits—energetic beastwoman Hitamu 'Hitamuki' Kyan, prodigy Maidena Ange, laid-back Toxico Dannar, and stalwart Hanabata Nohkins—Kikuru faces a challenge. Each recruit possesses remarkable talents but also unique flaws, from Hitamu's clumsiness to Hanabata's unintended lewdness. Adding to their troubles, monsters outside the city walls begin behaving strangely, targeting women in a troubling manner. Determined to retire early, Kikuru focuses on mentoring the recruits, knowing that his guidance is crucial for their success.

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