FAIRY TAIL (2014) OVA(ova)

by A-1 Picturesaction · adventure · comedy · fantasy

Yousei-tachi no Batsu Game (Fairies' Penalty Game) Following the Grand Magic Games' undecided outcome, Fairy Tail master Makarov Dreyar finds another way to settle the winner: Team A and Team B will play rock-paper-scissors. The victors can order whatever they want the losers to do. Under these conditions, Laxus Dreyar sends Natsu Dragneel and his team on an impossible mission to retrieve a lost stone. Natsu vs. Mavis As the Fairy Tail girls soak in the hot water together with their first master, Mavis Vermillion, they notice that despite the pleasant atmosphere in the bathhouse, Mavis is gloomy. When Warrod Sequen unexpectedly appears, he shares a century-old story about Mavis burying a secret treasure. While Natsu and his team set out to find the treasure to remind Mavis of the good old days, a dispute between Fairy Tail's original members comes to light. Yousei-tachi no Christmas (Fairies' Christmas) Fairy Tail members help their beloved city of Magnolia get into the holiday spirit. After a long day of hard work, Natsu and his friends gather to celebrate Christmas with alcohol and games, which soon escalates in real Fairy Tail fashion.

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