Dungeon Meshi

Dungeon Meshi


Laios Touden, a brave knight, leads a small group on a treacherous journey through an unending underground labyrinth teeming with perilous creatures and traps. In this dungeon where death is not always final thanks to potent magic, Laios faces a devastating loss when a dragon devours his spellcasting sister, Falin. As she sacrifices herself to rewind time and save her comrades, Laios, accompanied by elven mage Marcille Donato and halfling locksmith Chilchuck Tims, vows to rescue Falin from the dragon's belly. Despite financial struggles and dwindling supplies, the party presses on, with some members deserting them. Fortunately, they meet Senshi, a dwarf skilled in combat and cooking, who aids them by preparing meals from defeated foes. With Senshi's assistance, the group navigates the dungeon, discovering the art of fine dining and unraveling each other's stories amidst their perilous journey.

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