After unwittingly carrying out a fatal mission against his potential father-in-law, honorable samurai Raizou Kurima grapples with remorse. Determined to restore his integrity, Raizou vows retribution against the deceptive lord who orchestrated the tragedy. Joined by the versatile Yuuen Usui, a purported jack-of-all-trades and secret Revenger, Raizou embarks on a mission for vengeance. As Raizou delves deeper into the world of the Revengers—vigilante assassins seeking retribution—he finds himself ensnared in a series of tragedies. Amidst his collaboration with the Revengers, Raizou uncovers a complex nexus involving corrupt Japanese authorities, scheming Europeans, and the shadowy Revenger network. Through this entanglement, Raizou grapples with the elusive nature of justice, realizing that the pursuit of honor may lead him down a treacherous path.

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