Dosanko Gal wa Namaramenkoi

Dosanko Gal wa Namaramenkoi

comedyromanceslice of life

After moving from Tokyo to Hokkaido, Tsubasa Shiki embarks on exploring the winter wonderland that differs vastly from the bustling city life he's accustomed to. However, his romanticized perception shatters when he faces the harsh reality of the freezing climate. Lost in this new environment, he encounters Minami Fuyuki, a chatty local girl braving the cold in a skirt. Their chance meeting sparks a friendship that transcends the icy weather. To Tsubasa's surprise, Fuyuki becomes not just a classmate but also his seatmate, drawing him into her warm and lively world. As Tsubasa navigates the charms of Hokkaido alongside Fuyuki and other stylish schoolmates, he discovers the irresistible allure of Hokkaido's girls.

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