Megumi no Daigo: Kyuukoku no Orange

Megumi no Daigo: Kyuukoku no Orange

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In the Tokyo Fire Department's Fire Academy, a promising newcomer named Daigo Toake stands out in the demanding rescue drills with his exceptional skills. His excellence sparks envy in Shun Onoda, a fellow recruit, who grapples with a mix of rivalry and admiration towards Daigo. Despite their initial tensions, Shun begins to acknowledge their shared aspiration of saving lives, forging an unlikely bond. Meanwhile, Yuki Nakamura, the sole female trainee in a male-dominated environment, remains steadfast in proving her capabilities. As their paths converge, the trio realizes that the true test lies beyond the training grounds, where real emergencies will challenge them like never before. Amidst the chaos, they learn that true heroism shines brightest in the face of adversity, illuminating the darkness with acts of courage and selflessness.

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