Arknights: Touin Kiro

Arknights: Touin Kiro

TVYostar Pictures

In the realm of Terra, enigmatic natural calamities plague various regions sporadically, prompting a mass exodus of inhabitants to mobile cities as a refuge. These settlements, fueled by the potent Originium remnants left in the wake of these Catastrophes, propel civilization forward with their abundant energy. However, accompanying this progress is the ominous advent of Oripathy, an untreatable affliction that gradually petrifies its victims, posing a contagious threat upon their demise. Persecuted and marginalized in many nations, the Infected endure segregation and forced labor due to their condition. In response to such oppression, a rebellion stirs among the downtrodden. Enter Rhodes Island, a pharmaceutical entity dedicated to unraveling the cure for Oripathy. Armed with resolve, they embark on a mission to liberate all afflicted individuals from this malevolent disease.

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