Kikansha no Mahou wa Tokubetsu desu

Kikansha no Mahou wa Tokubetsu desu

TVArvo Animation

After battling monsters for years in the ominous Shadow Labyrinth, a magical cloud threatening all existence, mage Desir Herrman and his comrades confront their ultimate adversary, the dragon of destruction Boromir Napolitan. Despite vanquishing the dragon, a cataclysmic explosion triggered by its potent mana obliterates the world. Miraculously, Desir is thrust back a decade with his memories intact. Now, at Hebrion Academy, he aims to defy the discriminatory norms that imperil humanity. Despite excelling in his tests, Desir is relegated to the Beta Class for commoners. His mission: recruit the wind mage Romantica Eru and prove his mettle to the elite Alpha Class to alter fate and avert catastrophe.

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