Mononogatari 2nd Season

Mononogatari 2nd Season

TVBandai Namco Pictures

As Hyouma Kunato grows closer to Botan Nagatsuki and her family of tsukumogami, he remains focused on his ultimate goal of seeking revenge. Training in Kyoto under the Kadomori family's guidance, Hyouma is unaware of the Bureau of Traditional Music's scheming. This group of musical instrument tsukumogami questions Botan's family about their intentions concerning Hyouma's proximity to the boundary between humans and marebito. Suddenly, the paper umbrella tsukumogami, a long-lost pursuit of Hyouma, reemerges and kidnaps Botan and her university companions. Determined to rescue his cherished friend, Hyouma faces a dilemma that could force him to reconsider his priorities to honor his vow to Botan.

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