Wake Up, Girls!

Wake Up, Girls!

TVOrdet & Tatsunoko Production
dramamusicslice of life

Embarking on their journey to stardom, the newly minted idol group Wake Up, Girls faces a treacherous road ahead. With Mayu, Airi, Minami, Yoshino, Nanami, Kaya, and Miyu at the helm, trust becomes a scarce commodity as they navigate the pitfalls of the industry under the inexperienced guidance of their manager Matsuda. When the president of Green Leaves vanishes along with the funds, and a new producer prioritizes skin over substance, the girls find themselves at a crossroads. Amidst rumors tarnishing Mayu's past and internal conflicts threatening the group's unity, their survival hinges on more than just talent and drive. As they weather the storm, it becomes clear that true bonds and a shared passion for music will be their saving grace in this cutthroat world of entertainment.

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