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Himeji Wakaba, a fifth-grade student with a unique gift for spotting malevolent spirits invisible to others, leads a solitary existence due to these eerie sightings that harm those dear to her. Despite her somber demeanor, Wakaba's compassionate nature shines through as she rescues stray animals, albeit unable to keep them due to her parents' concerns. Witnessing their daughter's despondency, her parents make a fateful decision to allow Wakaba to adopt the next creature she brings home. Enter 'Pupipo,' a mysterious pink monster whose protective presence shields Wakaba from the menacing entities she encounters. With Pupipo by her side, Wakaba not only finds solace but also forges new bonds, including a friendship with a transfer student fascinated by the supernatural. Together, Wakaba and Pupipo navigate the challenges of bullying and isolation, transforming Wakaba's once desolate world into a brighter, more hopeful place.

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