In the second part of the Monogatari Series, post-graduation, Naoetsu Private High School is quieter with Koyomi Araragi and Hitagi Senjougahara gone. Among the familiar faces is Suruga Kanbaru, possessing the Monkey's Paw. Intrigued by rumors of a mystical problem solver called the 'Devil,' Kanbaru suspects it might refer to her and sets out to uncover the truth. To her surprise, the Devil turns out to be Rouka Numachi, a former competitor who now offers counsel to those in need after a basketball injury. Numachi, gathering others' misfortunes, provides solace through deceitful optimism. While Kanbaru initially dismisses any harm, she confronts Numachi for her falsehoods before returning home, convinced of her innocence. Yet, waking up to find her hand reverted to its original state the next day, Kanbaru's sense of unease resurfaces, hinting at deeper troubles ahead.

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