DRAMAtical Murder

DRAMAtical Murder


Toue Inc., a prominent entity, acquires Midorijima island to erect Platinum Jail, a lavish haven for the world's elite. The original islanders are displaced to the forsaken Old Residential District post its completion, left to fend for themselves. Amidst this backdrop, two prevalent games dominate the scene: Rib, an archaic gang warfare, and Rhyme, a cutting-edge virtual combat simulation. Engaging in Rhyme necessitates an All-Mate companion and the oversight of an Usui. Aoba Seragaki, content with a tranquil existence alongside his grandmother and All-Mate Ren, finds his peace shattered as he is involuntarily thrust into the perilous world of Rhyme following a fateful encounter and unsettling whispers of vanishing Rib participants.

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