World Trigger

World Trigger

TVToei Animation

When a mysterious gate to another world opens on Earth, Mikado City faces an invasion by enigmatic creatures known as 'Neighbors' who are impervious to conventional weapons. To counter this threat, the Border Defense Agency is formed, utilizing specialized weapons called 'Triggers' to fend off the Neighbors. Despite years passing since the gate's appearance, the danger persists, and Border members remain vigilant in protecting the planet. Among them is Osamu Mikumo, a trainee prohibited from using his Trigger outside the agency. However, when a new student, Yuuma Kuga, is endangered by bullies in a forbidden zone and attacked by Neighbors, Osamu is compelled to act. To his astonishment, Yuuma effortlessly defeats the aliens, unveiling his true identity as a humanoid Neighbor in disguise.

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