Shinichirou Asano faces a string of unfortunate events as his parents abandon him for Europe, leaving him in financial distress. Struggling to make ends meet after losing his job, the high school student encounters a centipede monster one night. His savior turns out to be Sakuya Shimazu, a fellow student with exceptional archery skills. Things take a supernatural turn when Shinichirou aids an injured girl, revealing her true form as a nekomata. Unveiling Sakuya's lineage as part of a long line of exorcists, Shinichirou gets entangled in a mission to capture the unleashed demon. As he joins forces with Sakuya, he also stumbles into a role as the Shimazu family's housekeeper, showcasing his talent in cooking and cleaning. Despite the unexpected turn of events, Shinichirou finds himself drawn into a new world that promises both challenges and opportunities.

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