Ao Haru Ride: unwritten

Ao Haru Ride: unwritten(ova)

by Production I.Gromance · slice of life

Unwritten Junior high student Futaba Yoshioka has always despised boys—she thinks they are all way too rowdy and annoying. The only exception is a boy in the class next to hers, Kou Tanaka, who seems different from the others. Through frequent encounters, Futaba and Kou exchange shy glances and awkward words with one another. Having had no experience in romance prior, Futaba has no idea what her growing feelings for Kou are supposed to imply. Page.13 During their second year of high school, Futaba and her friends go to a summer festival together. While the other girls decide not to wear yukatas, Yuuri Makita does as she is determined to get closer to Kou. Caught off guard, Futaba can only watch from afar as Yuuri and Kou seem to grow more and more intimate. At this rate, will Futaba be able to make progress with Kou?

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