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Hailing from a bustling city, Futaba Ooki immerses herself in capturing moments through snapshots on her phone. Upon relocating to a coastal town, the boundless sea captures her gaze, offering a canvas of endless opportunities. Little does she know, her quiet musings attract the attention of local diving enthusiast Hikari Kohinata. Finding themselves classmates the next day, Hikari is intrigued by Futaba's introverted nature and playfully dubs her Teko, igniting a gentle bond between them. Adapting to this new coastal lifestyle proves challenging for Futaba, yet Hikari's vibrant enthusiasm for diving pulls her into an adventure. Together, they venture into the school's diving club under the guidance of their teacher, Mato Katori. Accompanied by Hikari, Futaba embarks on the journey to acquire her diving license, embracing fresh connections and opportunities along the way.

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