Gin no Guardian

Gin no Guardian


Suigin Riku, a high school student and avid gamer, graces the halls of Shinryou Private Academy, a bastion of the privileged and affluent. Despite his destitution, Suigin toils in multiple odd jobs to afford his education. In a daring act to rescue his feline companion from a watery peril, he is rescued by Rei Riku, the stunning heiress of a game industry mogul, sparking an enamored bond. Simultaneously, a mysterious girl from his cherished online RPG captures his interest. As the impending closure of the game threatens to sever their connection, a revelation intertwines the fates of Rei and the enigmatic gamer. Entrusted with a new game, Grave Buster, Suigin's world is upended when Rei vanishes, plunging him into a treacherous quest within Grave Buster to rescue her. Gin no Guardian chronicles Suigin's journey through Grave Buster, wherein peril and enigma converge as he endeavors to save Rei and untangle the game's concealed truths.

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