Kino no Tabi: the Beautiful World - Tou no Kuni: Free Lance

Kino no Tabi: the Beautiful World - Tou no Kuni: Free Lance


One day, after waking up from a nap, Kino is relieved to find the Tower Country's majestic tower still standing tall in the distance. This extraordinary tower, a marvel of construction, captures their curiosity. Accompanied by Hermes, the talking motorcycle, Kino embarks on a journey to explore the tower up close. Despite its already impressive height, the tower is incessantly being expanded by the diligent townsfolk. Eager to uncover the tower's enigmatic origins, Kino and Hermes engage with the locals for insight, only to be met with vague responses. As they observe the ongoing construction and the community's dedication, they remain determined to unravel the mystery behind the tower's ceaseless growth. In this peculiar land, Kino and Hermes discover that even the most peculiar customs hold valuable lessons waiting to be revealed.

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