Genius Party

Genius Party

MOVIEStudio 4°C

A collection of seven animated shorts from Studio 4°C unfolds diverse tales. In 'Genius Party,' a peculiar bird-like being dashes through a desolate desert and stumbles upon a mysterious smiling egg. 'Shanghai Dragon' follows a creative Chinese boy who gains a device bringing his drawings to life, just as his town faces an otherworldly threat. 'Deathtic 4' portrays a world of zombies living their undead lives until a living frog disrupts their existence, prompting a young zombie and friends to help it return home. 'Doorbell' delves into a ghost's struggle to evade his alternate selves taking over. 'Limit Cycle' delves into existential themes through a man trapped in an endless work cycle. 'Happy Machine' sees an infant discovering the artificial nature of his nursery, leading to an adventure outside filled with strange beings. In 'Baby Blue,' two students embark on a carefree day of escapades, cherishing the present moment together.

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