In a world reshaped by cataclysmic events, Japan lies in ruins, reclaimed by nature after devastating earthquakes. Amidst a stark division between the affluent and the marginalized, the government initiates 'Project Atlas' to erect a new utopian metropolis in place of Tokyo, but with limited capacity. This leaves many to fend for themselves in the wilderness as outcasts. Amidst this backdrop, a band of rebels emerges to challenge the establishment, including the spirited Kuniko Houjou from a rebellious settlement, the enigmatic and potent child Mikuni safeguarded in a clandestine sanctuary, the loyal soldier Kunihito Kusanagi serving the powerful Atlas corporation, the brilliant economist Karin Ishida influencing global markets, and the sinister Ryouko Naruse orchestrating Atlas's ruthless control. Together, under the banner of 'Metal-Age,' these rebels strive to prove that unity and collaboration can triumph over oppressive segregation in a future world fraught with inequality.

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