Souten Kouro

Souten Kouro


Souten Kouro follows the life of Cao Cao, the last Chancellor of the Eastern Han Dynasty, set against the backdrop of the Three Kingdoms period in ancient China. Unlike typical portrayals, this manga offers a positive perspective on Cao Cao, who is usually depicted as an antagonist in other works based on this historical era. The storyline diverges from the norm by drawing heavily from the historical text Records of Three Kingdoms rather than the more commonly used Romance of the Three Kingdoms. This shift in focus diminishes the role of Liu Bei, a prominent figure in traditional interpretations, and presents him in a less favorable light. While incorporating characters like Diao Chan and iconic weapons such as Guan Yu's Green Dragon Crescent Blade, the narrative revolves around Cao Cao's ambition to revolutionize China by challenging established norms and embracing practicality over idealism. This constant clash with Confucian values and supporters forms a central theme, highlighting Cao Cao's unyielding pursuit of change and progress.

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