NARUTO: Takigakure no Shitou - Ore ga Eiyuu Dattebayo!

NARUTO: Takigakure no Shitou - Ore ga Eiyuu Dattebayo!

SPECIALStudio Pierrot

After ensuring the safe return of the fearful Takigakure leader Shibuki to his village, Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha, and Sakura Haruno are caught off guard by a sudden invasion of renegade ninjas. With their mentor Kakashi Hatake away in Konohagakure, the trio must confront the rogue forces alone. As they gear up for a daring rescue mission, they uncover Suien's plot to acquire the Hero Water, a potent elixir that boosts chakra levels tenfold. Realizing that Shibuki holds this valuable substance, Suien seizes the villagers as hostages to secure his prize. Despite the daunting challenges ahead, Naruto valiantly takes on the adversary, inspiring Shibuki to find the strength within himself to defend his community.

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