Saint Seiya: THE LOST CANVAS - Meiou Shinwa

Saint Seiya: THE LOST CANVAS - Meiou Shinwa


In a timeless struggle rooted in ancient mythology, the Goddess Athena and Hades clash in a holy war to protect Earth, spanning two centuries. Set in 18th century Europe, 243 years before the events of 'Saint Seiya,' the narrative centers on the intertwined fates of three childhood companions: the spirited and noble Tenma, the artistic and gentle Alone, and the enigmatic Sasha. As Tenma ventures to Sanctuary to become a saint, he reunites with Sasha, discovering her true identity as the reincarnation of Athena. Meanwhile, Alone is unwittingly chosen as the vessel for the malevolent King Hades. The bonds of friendship are tested as Tenma, now a Pegasus saint, confronts his beloved friend turned adversary in a climactic battle. The convergence of Pegasus Tenma, King Hades, and Goddess Athena heralds a prelude to the epic tale of 'Saint Seiya,' where destinies intertwine in a riveting saga.

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