Kyuuketsu-hime Miyu (TV)

Kyuuketsu-hime Miyu (TV)


In a world where sinister Shinma creatures and vampires prowl, Miyu Royal Princess emerges as the chosen savior tasked with warding off these malevolent beings from humanity. Possessing the ability to bestow everlasting joy upon humans, Miyu grapples with her own duality, forever torn between two realms and plagued by inner turmoil. With only Larva, a once malevolent Shinma turned loyal protector, by her side, Miyu embarks on a somber odyssey delving into the fragility of the human spirit and the poignant loss of innocence. Secluded from society by the weight of her identity, Miyu navigates a ceaseless journey as both predator and prey, teetering on the brink of darkness.

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