AIR (Movie)

AIR (Movie)

MOVIEToei Animation

In a distant era, Kanna, the sole survivor of a winged clan, faced captivity in a fortress due to widespread fear. Her encounter with a soldier named Ryuuya blossomed into love, leading her to share her longing for freedom and reunion with her mother. Despite Ryuuya's attempts to fulfill her desires, Kanna was ensnared in an eternal agony, banished to the skies by a malevolent spell. Centuries later, Yukito, Ryuuya's descendant, arrives in a tranquil village just before its annual festival, seeking a means to earn a living. His path crosses with Misuzu, an enigmatic girl, triggering a poignant recollection of his mother's cryptic advice: to liberate the reincarnation of the winged maiden if encountered. As Yukito and Misuzu's bond deepens, emotions stir between them. However, as Yukito unravels Misuzu's ties to a tragic past, he faces a pivotal choice: to depart or to challenge the ancient curse that has shackled Kanna in perpetual suffering.

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