11eyes OVA

11eyes OVA


Included as a bonus on volume 7's Blu-ray/DVD, episode 13 takes a whimsical turn as Kakeru and his companions find themselves immersed in a 'Pink Night' scenario instead of the usual red. The once formidable 'Black Knights' transform hilariously into the 'Pink Ero-Rangers,' with Lisolette assuming the role of a bondage driver. Their powers undergo a comical and sensual metamorphosis - Kakeru gains X-ray vision, Yuka can magically change boys into girls, Misuzu wields vibrating swords, Kukuri's communication is limited to vulgarities in speech and drawings, Yukiko experiences arousal when removing her glasses, and Takahisa sprouts a tiny stream of water from his finger. This playful episode serves as a lighthearted parody, offering a humorous divergence from the main narrative.

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