Uchuu Show e Youkoso

Uchuu Show e Youkoso

MOVIEA-1 Pictures

In a quaint mountain village nestled in a secluded woodland, five elementary school children gather for a summer camp escapade. Amidst the serene wilderness and away from adult supervision, they stumble upon what appears to be an injured dog, only to realize it's Pochi, an alien on a crucial quest. Pochi discloses the universal allure of a mysterious substance on Earth, nearly within his grasp before his incapacitation. With the kids' aid, Pochi survives and offers them a generous reward, posing the question, 'Where do you desire to journey most?' Their eager response, 'Anywhere far!' prompts Pochi to whisk them off to the moon, embarking on an extraordinary journey. Along the way, they unveil the universal substance's ties to Japanese cuisine, coincidentally finding a stash of it in one child's pocket.

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