NARUTO: Shippuuden - The Lost Tower

NARUTO: Shippuuden - The Lost Tower

MOVIEStudio Pierrot

When tasked with apprehending the rogue ninja Mukade, Naruto, Sakura, and Sai, under Yamato's leadership, find themselves facing an ancient chakra beneath the Rouran ruins. Despite the Fourth Hokage's seal, Mukade succeeds in unleashing its power, resulting in Naruto and Yamato being engulfed by a powerful energy surge. Naruto wakes up in a majestic yet perilous realm where he encounters Queen Saara and three Konohagakure ninjas on a clandestine assignment. They disclose that Naruto has journeyed back 20 years in time to Rouran. Complicating matters, Mukade has ingratiated himself in the royal court as the trusted advisor Anrokuzan to the unsuspecting queen. Teaming up with the ninjas, Naruto must safeguard Saara's life to foil Mukade's schemes and find a way back to his own time.

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