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In the aftermath of the closure of the popular virtual reality MMORPG 'The World,' a new iteration emerges as The World R:2. Fresh to this virtual realm, Haseo initially finds camaraderie but is betrayed when his supposed friends cruelly end his character. Salvation arrives in the form of Ovan, a enigmatic one-armed player, who guides Haseo through the game alongside the healing cleric Shino. Enjoying a blissful gaming existence, their peace is shattered by the malevolent Tri-Edge, a figure infamous for causing comas in real-world players. Driven by fury, Haseo embarks on a quest for vengeance against Tri-Edge, unraveling the bonds he forged in The World before they were shattered by this enigmatic foe. Delving into Haseo's initial year in The World, .hack//Roots delves into the friendships he cultivated before facing the devastating impact of Tri-Edge's actions.

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