Dragon Ball Z: Konoyo de Ichiban Tsuyoi Yatsu

Dragon Ball Z: Konoyo de Ichiban Tsuyoi Yatsu

MOVIEToei Animation

In his laboratory, the biotech specialist Dr. Kochin seizes the dragon balls with the goal of liberating his master, the deranged Dr. Uirou, encased in eternal ice at Tsurumai-Tsuburi Mountains. Gohan Son and Oolong stumble upon this scheme and face an ambush by the Bio-Men creatures. Meanwhile, Piccolo, training nearby, intervenes but gets entangled with three enigmatic fighters. As chaos unfolds, a sudden ice crack disrupts the showdown, trapping Gohan and Oolong. Upon awakening, they rush back to Kame House only to confront Bio-Men, who demand Muten-Roshi's compliance. Defeating the assailants effortlessly, Roshi catches Dr. Kochin's attention. Driven by Roshi's reputed strength, Dr. Kochin kidnaps Bulma to secure Roshi's cooperation in a cryptic mission tied to his master's agenda. Dive into a tale of intrigue as the mysteries surrounding Dr. Kochin and Dr. Uirou's ominous intentions slowly unravel.

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