Jikan no Shihaisha

Jikan no Shihaisha

TVproject No.9

As Koyuki Honda faces her graduation alone due to the absence of family, she encounters the enigmatic Putin brothers, Kiri and Victor, at her brother's grave. Their introduction leads her to a chilling revelation about a local legend involving a clock tower's mysterious powers during a full moon. Intrigued, Koyuki decides to test this myth, only to stumble upon a dark scheme orchestrated by time-stealing demons known as Horologues. As the Putin brothers, Chronos Rulers combating these malevolent entities, expose the truth, Koyuki becomes entangled in a dangerous game of wits and powers. Through their combined efforts, they thwart the Horologues' sinister plans and grant Koyuki a chance to reconcile with her past. Yet, the battle against these time-wielding fiends is far from over, as the trio embarks on a mission to safeguard humanity from the looming threat of regret and loss.

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