Imaginative worlds crafted by human hands come alive through the pen of high schooler Souta Mizushino, who dreams of authoring his light novel. A surreal twist occurs as Souta is whisked into a battle scene from an anime he watches, only to find the spirited heroine, Selesia Yupitilia, unexpectedly materialize in his world. Soon, a parade of fictional characters crosses into reality, bearing the weight of their origins. Among them are a noble knight, a magical girl, a fierce combatant, and more, including the enigmatic figure known as 'Gunpuku no Himegimi,' shrouded in mystery and knowledge. As alliances form, Souta, Selesia, and the serene NPC librarian Meteora Österreich delve into the puzzling intrusion of these characters. The boundaries between the tangible and the imagined blur as secrets unravel, paving the path for a destined encounter between creators and their creations.

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