Ling Qi

Ling Qi

ONAHaoliners Animation

Struggling through a streak of misfortunes, You Keika toils in part-time jobs to escape poverty's grasp. His life takes a bizarre turn when a chance meeting with a white-haired man at a junkyard ends with You waking up as a spirit after a fatal accident. The man, Tanmoku Ki, is unveiled as the 13th Youmeshi from the prestigious exorcist family, Tanmoki. Sensing You's spirit wandering, he proposes a pact: Tanmoku will shield You from human threats, while You becomes his loyal spirit shadow, safeguarding him always. Thus begins their journey facing daunting spiritual trials to protect others from malevolent entities. As their bond deepens beyond master and servant, an unexpected mutual respect and admiration blossoms, weaving a connection neither foresaw.

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