Yami Shibai 5

Yami Shibai 5


The enigmatic Storyteller with his mysterious mask reappears to narrate a new set of chilling horror tales. Embracing his unique kamishibai storytelling technique, he now captivates a haunting audience of young girls hungry for his sinister stories. Through his unsettling narratives, he unveils ghostly legends featuring women from various walks of life: a terrified housewife plagued by ominous phone calls, a peculiar girl with uncannily accurate flower readings, a haunting encounter between a mother, daughter, and the enigmatic 'crow lady,' and a young girl whose demands escalate to disturbing levels. Prepare to be spellbound once more by the Storyteller's eerie and captivating stories, promising to leave a lingering sense of unease long after the tales are told...

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