Pocket Monsters Best Wishes!: Victini to Kuroki Eiyuu Zekrom

Pocket Monsters Best Wishes!: Victini to Kuroki Eiyuu Zekrom


In a once-prosperous kingdom, a power struggle between the ruler's sons led to chaos as they unleashed their Legendary Pokémon, disrupting the kingdom's energy source, the Dragon Force. With the intervention of Victini, a Mythical Pokémon, the balance was restored using the Sword of the Vale to contain the Dragon Force. Now, Damon, a descendant of the scattered People of the Vale, seeks to revive his kingdom's former glory by awakening Zekrom, another Legendary Pokémon, to claim the Dragon Force's power. As Satoshi and his friends arrive in Eindoak Town near the Sword, they ally with Victini to thwart Damon's dangerous plan and prevent history from repeating its tragic cycle.

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