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Hametomo Collection

Hametomo Collection


1-3. Hametomo Collection FuckBuddy collection is a smarphone game that helps players hook up with each other, rewarding them for having sex. Mana, a high school girl not good at sports or studying, is has become addicted to this game, and so strives to increase her already high level. 4-5. Watashi ga Suki na Aitsu no xxx (Having xxx with the One I Love) Ayumu's childhood friend Rika, has been teasing and playing with him lately. He can't stand it anymore, so he proposes that if he gets better score at the next test, she will let him touch her. Unfortunately, Rika is pretty smart, so he will have to work hard to surpass her. 6-8. Akaruku Tanoshiku Seikatsu-gakari In a certain region, there exist an ancient custom that people who reach a certain age have to practice having sex. As such, the school has a practice called 'sex duty' where girls service the boys. Mimori Satsuki is nervous since it's her first time on the duty, but her friend Mizushima Junko and the boys will help ease her into the experience. 9. Boku to Oneesan no Naisho Yuuya has rejected his friends' invitation to hang out yet again in favour of Satomi, his sister's friend from college and his secret lover. 10. Take Out A depressed middle-aged man is caught staring at a high-school gal's panties. Thankfully, Miyuki has a thing for older men, so she offers to help relieve his stress. 11. Thank You Very Bitch Special

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