Majo to Yajuu

Majo to Yajuu


In a mystical realm, witches wield curses that defy conventional remedies, save for a few rare solutions: a prince's kiss, a witch's change of heart, or a mysterious third option. Enter Guideau and Ashaf, an unlikely team serving the Order of Magical Resonance, tasked with resolving magical dilemmas. Guideau, a daring young woman with beast-like eyes and a vendetta against witches, clashes with Ashaf, a composed man bearing a coffin and a calming influence. Together, they delve into arcane enigmas while pursuing the witch who hexed Guideau. Their journey leads them to a city rumored to house a witch, revered by its inhabitants as a savior. Suspicious of the witch's intentions, Guideau and Ashaf set out to uncover the truth, wary of the chaos that typically trails witches—yet unsure of what awaits them in this peculiar city.

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