Sachi-iro no One Room

Sachi-iro no One Room

dramapsychologicalromanceslice of life

After vanishing, a 14-year-old girl triggers a frantic search by the authorities, leaving her distraught parents fearing for her well-being. Contrary to expectations, she willingly stays with her captor and former stalker, affectionately dubbing him 'Oniisan.' Rejecting a return to her abusive family and a school plagued by merciless bullying, she opts for this unconventional path. Over time, their bond deepens, prompting her to request a new identity as 'Sachi.' Despite the world's disapproval, they vow to wed once evading the police and her parents—or face death together. In a world devoid of solace, they grasp onto their shared joy as their only beacon of hope.

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